Join our Training Camp at the first Official Hyrox Gym in Cyprus - directly at the sea!

22. – 29.09.2024
06. – 13.10.2024
03. – 10.11.2024

We are excited to partner with Titan Fitness, the first Official Hyrox Gym in Cyprus, located in the beautiful Coral Bay area. Nestled by the Mediterranean Sea, this outdoor gym offers an unparalleled fitness experience with spacious workout areas and the breathtaking backdrop of the beach. This collaboration allows us to bring you three exclusive Hyrox camps where you can train in an idyllic setting with the best facilities available.

At our Hyrox camps, participants will benefit from expert training while enjoying the sunny, vibrant environment of Cyprus, known as the "Island of Gods." Beyond rigorous training sessions, attendees can explore historical sites, enjoy the great weather, and partake in various leisure activities, from shopping to hiking. Join us to elevate your fitness journey while soaking up the sun and the unique cultural experiences Cyprus has to offer.

Boost Your Fitness and enjoy Vitamin Sea

Whether you're preparing for your first HYROX event or aiming to improve your times, this camp will push your limits and boost your capabilities. Train hard, recover well, and return home stronger, faster, and more confident. If you’re simply seeking a fitness adventure in a stunning location

Official Hyrox Coach

Fabian Raschke will lead the Hyrox and running classes. With over 25 years in endurance sports, he has been an official Hyrox coach since February 2019. Fabian has participated in 20 Hyrox events and holds various certifications, including Functional Trainer, Athletic Trainer, Running Instructor, Indoor Rowing Instructor, and Spartan Obstacle Specialist. Renowned for his personalized training approach, Fabian excels in enhancing both physical strength and mental resilience in athletes. His impressive results for HYROX clients include Pro Race Wins, Elite 15 Qualifier, Single Vice World Champion, Single World Champion, and Double Vice World Champion.

Join us for a week of HYROX training

  • Daily HYROX-specific training session
  • Additional daily fitness session
  • 3 running sessions per week
  • 1 scenic hike to explore Cyprus's natural beauty
  • Basic onsite accommodation (studio or 1-bedroom apartment) at Corallia Beach Hotel
  • Access to pool
  • Access to an indoor training studio
  • Airport transfers (Paphos)
  • Half-board meals (breakfast and dinner buffet)
(Private room)
1,590 €
(Shared room)
1,290 €
Upcoming Camps
22. – 29.09.2024
06. – 13.10.2024
03. – 10.11.2024
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